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Should just let the criminal die. Now he and his low life lawyer going to get tax payer money. Aren't USA just great, not only you can break the law if you are an illegal alien you'll get money too.
We didn't let Mr. Romney down, his campaign let us down, he didn't fight hard enough. He should attack Obama as nasty as he can. What do we got to lose, we play nice we lost anyway.
Mr. President, you are the bullshitter!
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Obama's Little Plan

Michael3624 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 7:46 PM
Where can I get some of Obama's plan book? I need to use it for the backyard fire.
What a fool! How did he serve so long in the senate.
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Video: Romney's Closing Statement

Michael3624 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 7:23 PM
I live in MN and I am ashamed of Minnesotants. ;(
I know you are jealous, envy is a very bad thing to possess.
Are you jealous? You just want to take not earn right?
Can you imagine someone in the RNC said this about Obama, it'll be on CNN, MSN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT 24/7 and Chris Matthews will spew blood on how Republicans are racist.
I agree with Guy, Romney and other future Republican candidates should just give it all up and give Obama the job for life. Why not, in my own internal poll Obama is up by 6 trillion points. No one is ever going to catch up with that.
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