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not only is it out of touch, the tags can be removed by the final owner. mr Tanner has no idea what the Tea Party really stands for.
Lincoln Fought To Save The Union. Slavery Was Secondary.
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Dodd-Frank is a Horrible Toddler

Michael3222 Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 8:30 AM
Conflict minerals. A little one liner in Dodd/Frank. Read it and weep. We now have a "process" involving our legal department, all or vendors and the super efficient IRS. What does this Have to do with banking? Our government special interests at work.
Wow, One Would Think You Are Serious. Good Line To Wake Up Stupid Liberals.
The problem with politicians, especially in Washington, is that they do not make any money. Why the heck would anybody with any economic or business sense or leadership capabilities go to work for what a congressman or senator makes? You are putting people in charge of trillions of dollars, kids in a candy store, who could not get a real job in the private sector. Most business people who do get elected only stay for a term or two as they cannot stand the stupidity and arrogance of their “colleagues”. If you want real talent, make it worth while, a couple million a year at a minimum, and NO RETIREMENT PLAN. Politicians were never intended to be permanent.
Right On. Columbine was right in the middle of the last "assualt weapons" ban. Isreal got it, trained the teachers and approved concealed carry in school. Arafat's thugs stopped killing school children. But why would a liberal ever learn form history and other people'e experience, they are too busy re-writing it.
Hope the House says "no deal". Republicans are going to get blamed anyway for everything. Time to wake up the fairyland that the American People live in.
I do not think a vote of 50.1% is a fast moving train for the President. I thought it was rather funny when the libs in the Senate started getting panic calls from the medical equipment manufacturers in their states. A “rush” to get rid of that. 2.3% excise tax. Hello, can anyone say “Going out of business?”
I ask liberals only one question...and never get anything but dead silence. How do you pay for the government you have, and the one you want. $16+ trillion in debt, and $80 trillion in unfunded mandates. Harry Reid uses baseline budgeting to get his "phantom cuts”. Do you understand what baseline budgeting is? Before you comment, you need to educate yourself. You are being led to the slaughter and do not know it. What is your answer?
Now that's really strange. People with more money spend more money, and under "Fair Tax" would pay more tax becasue they buy more stuff. What most people do not understand is that the tax code has nothing to do with raising revenue. That is a side bar. The 80,000+ page code that the IRS does not even understand is about control. You do htis, you get a refund, a tax break, a tax incentive etc. Keeps the lobbyists on K street employed.
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