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The Election of a Black President Has Meant Nothing

Michael3157 Wrote: Jul 17, 2013 12:02 AM
So, let me get this straight: Those people pointing out that the Left has been using Black American's for decades as pawns in their political games and shouting "racism" at every (even ridiculous) situation can be labeled "guilty of incitement"? It is complete nonsense. Whenever an issue arises involving "racism" or even perceived "racism", non-Blacks (Whites in particular) must walk on eggshells for fear of retribution. Anyone suggesting that it may be time for Black America to re-assess it's "Leaders" and really look at the true harm they have directly brought onto the Black Community is simply called a racist. Here's a question I wish I could pose to one of the "leaders". You have two options and must choose one: 1. Whatever racism may still exist is magically eliminated from all US society today OR, 2. All Black males grow up and are part of families which include a participating and involved father. Which would really be most beneficial to Black life in America today?