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Judas Kisses Capitalism

Michael3116 Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 12:26 PM
One thing about God's dealing with human beings is we have free choice you always serve God it's your choice when you serve as Judas or not. But you will serve it's just that God makes due with our choices. In fact that idea of free will is probably the most capitalistic concept in the Bible. Don't forget the only direct change in a human being without that person's explicit request was the pharaoh who's heart was hardened against Moses by God. The reason the pharaoh's heart was hardened in such a negative manner was he was already head down after all one of his favorite amusements was betting how long children would last in a pit with hungry dogs.

I’m chomping on the chocolate bunny (ears first!) that I found in my basket and it occurs to me that believing in Christ’s resurrection requires a capitalist mindset. Certainly, you could be a capitalist without believing in Christ’s resurrection since it requires faith to believe in the resurrection. And, Christ’s primary mission on earth was not to overthrow human forms of government. However, Christ recognized as “good” a legitimate form of human government that espouses freedom, private property rights and representative authority. So, if you call yourself a Christian (as President Obama does) then I think you must also be...