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I knew a few that escaped but their trips were amazing and scary. A couple of them actually rented a place right next to the wall while on vacation and they build a balloon in the attic of the place they rented. The filled it with hot air ripped the roof off and floated across the wall and the minefield. The towers opened fire and killed one guys sister and another ones son during the passage.
There isn't much they can do at this point but early next term pass an immigration reform that makes anybody who took up the amnesty ineligible for citizenship for life. Also, pass an election reform law making it illegal for non-citizens to vote in national elections with some teeth like 10 years in prison and revocation of legal alien status plus 20 years in prison and a 2 million dollar fine chargeable to any organization involved aiding in the voter fraud. Make the penalties like mail fraud it's for each act not as a collective. So an organization which accepts and delivers a fraudulent voter registration (such as to mickey mouse and another to donald duck) voter registration worker would get 40 years in prison and the organization would have to pay 4 million in fines which could be attached to each officer in the organization's structure. In other words the people responsible have to pay with either prison time or bankruptcy to the point somebody like Soros would be homeless or a fugitive.
Yeah it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Obamacare hasn't done any of the things we were told it was going to has to be racism and hatred of the poor. Near as I can tell it's hatred of the poor and racism that's created programs like Obamacare.
He's ignoring his base now. When that happens it usually ends badly for Presidents. He only thinks he's a dictator there are legal remedies to his foolishness.
Actually, Reagan did give amnesty with a promise from a democratic senate and house that they would tighten border security. However, the Democrats as usual lied so no increases in border security happened. All in all, the Reagan amnesty was a mistake because he relied on the promises of Liberals who don't fulfill their promises other than to wreak havoc on our economy, our citizens and the world. Progressives have killed more human beings than any other political philosophy invented by man. Hitler and his brand of statist communism killed 60 million people including 14 million in concentration camps. Stalin killed 20 million people using centralized planning to starve people to death as a political plan. And let's not forget your saint, Lois, Mao who murdered nearly 80 million human beings using his cultural revolution which outright executed anybody educated then murdered their families as well. Apparently since these are the people who developed progressive philosophies and the historical dialectic it appears you're either ignorant or you believe in murder to achieve political gain. Which is it?
Hmmm, a program that has universally failed to delivered what was promises, raise healthcare costs, reduced access to doctors and hospitals and forced people out of healthcare policies that they liked. Sadly, I'd say a program that has done exactly the opposite of what it was sold to do is a failure and one hopefully will soon be on the trash heap of history.
Sadly, the Democrats are still trying to express their racist tendencies. What is it about the melanin content of a person's skin that makes the Democrats so crazy? If you have too much they want to execute you in the womb if you're in this country or if you're over seas they try to defund AIDS programs in Africa claiming if Bush did it it has to be bad when in reality they are once again trying to kill people based on the melanin content of their skin.
Firstly, spending bills originate in the House. Which means anything the Senate does is based on House legislation and has to go through conference before it becomes law. So McConnell and the other Senators have approval over the bills and can offer their own but if the House Republicans stand firm the bills that land on the President's desk won't pay for Obamacare.
The media has either been ignoring or excusing Gruber's comments as a Republican issue. I suspect the rank and file liberals that supported this doesn't like being told they're stupid but it's good they finally have a clue about what the people they've been voting for think about them.
We have a solution for those who would be King of the United States.
This is one of those issues he shouldn't be playing politics with and should be defunding the O's programs or at least threaten to completely defund the pet departments of the O.
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