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Well you know the CDC is way more interested in pushing a political agenda rather than controlling disease. This administration has managed to make the whole government virtually useless for it's assigned functions.
Child exploitation is the charge that should be leveled against everybody involved with that video.
Because liberals support sexualizing children as well as some other even more obnoxious activities with children.
Hate to say it but the Obama administration isn't the JV team they're at very best the scrubs.
Remember the first guy tossed under the bus was a "science adviser" who advocated for putting sterilents in public water supplies to reduce the population of unwanted riff raff.
The answer is both. Once it bureaucrats get enough power they no longer server the people but them selves becoming corrupt. The political class that enhances the power of the bureaucrats is going to get their support as the greedy and power hungry loot the treasury and milk the citizen for everything they can under the guise of providing programs that never quite accomplish the tasks they were created to do.
Yep, they are requesting doctors ask about firearms in households so that cases can be made for the forced removal of said firearms from the households. Anybody want to guess why disarming the populace is so important to the current administration that it will use any means to accomplish it?
I believe his foreign policy is going according to plan. I don't believe he has the interests of the citizens of this country at heart but is aiding and abetting causes like HAMAS and ISIS against the US population. His airstrikes aren't hurting ISIS much just making the US a target for a large attack. I wouldn't be surprised if his administration didn't furnish the weapons under the guise of arming the Syrian rebels.
Not to put too fine a point on the problem we elected a group of self serving morons into office in both the Presidency and in both houses of Congress. These professional snake oil salesmen are only concerned with maintaining their own power and very little about the good of the country. Until we break the back of the election buying mess we have in Washington we aren't going to see much of an improvement.
I don't think people would take single payer at this point after all the government can't build a website let alone run the healthcare system.
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