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I hope the IRS gets slammed with contempt charges in a federal court and their whole IT management get's slammed with jail time until they produce the emails. If it's years for them to produce them let 'em cool their heals without internet access in the local drunk holding cell.
Wow, it's a shock! Dingy Harry wants to spend more money we don't have to aid a crisis his party created. I have a great idea let's confiscate the pay of all Democratic Senators and their staffers and if that's not enough let's do the same with the house Democrats and their staffers until the crisis is resolved by sending these kids back to their home countries and let's keep it up until the dems force their fearless leader to enforce the laws on the books.
sorry it was 315k jobs lost. To me that's a net increase in unemployment.
Sorry how is this report encouraging we gained 288k jobs but lost 350k jobs and had another huge chunk of the population stop looking for work.
Not here. It's like the asset forfeiture laws which were supposed to be only for drug king pins and now you have New York City using them to seize your car for an unpaid parking ticket.
I suspect they will be more broke as their net worth will be higher as they are apparently taking everything that isn't nailed down at treasury and taking "contributions" with both hands.
Well he didn't screw up being a senator primarily because he voted present or was absent during his time in office. He at least didn't break anything. Which for this bozo is an accomplishment.
That's amazing as he has stiff competition what with Richard Nixon and LBJ and Jimmy Carter. I wonder which is worse Obama or Harding or Grant for corruption.
Not so money is allocated to agencies to run. Congress doesn't dictate the budget for the VA in this example it allocates a pool of funds for them to use to execute their functions. The agencies need to come up with a budget which is then presented to the executive branch who approves how they are spending the money allocated by congress.
They have human emotions, greed, hatred and sadism are all human emotions and that pretty much sums up what we have in the VA bureaucracy. The exceptions to that seem to be rare and punished heavily by the other bureaucrats for daring to try to do their jobs and make the others look bad.
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