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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Barack Obama (Surprisingly) Is Not the Biggest Spender of All

Michael2944 Wrote: Aug 30, 2013 10:34 AM
Dude - basic facts are that the government can bring in about 16 - 18% of GDP as revenues from taxes. Under GWBush - 18% taxes in and Fed spending at 20% results in bad deficits. Under Obama -16% taxes in (because of the collapse of the housing market brought on by Democrat policies - CRA, etc.) ...and 24% Fed spending results in HORRIBLE deficits. Obama campaigned againt the bad Bush deficits - but ramped up spending. In 2006, Obama critized the 'failure of leadership' in raising the debt ceiling and opposed raising it...but now he wants a blank check and no debt ceiling whatsoever! For Obama - it is not only blatant corruption - it is also complete incompetance!