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Read Obummer's first book (ghost written/cleaned up by Bill Ayers)...and you can find the facts that support Schadenfreude's statement. Easy to do. In Obummer's own words!
It is illogical to assume that the proper response to bad legislation is more but different bad legislation. Obama IS a liar. (You can keep your health care. You can keep your doctor. The borders are safer than ever. The list of provable lies is very lengthy.) AND - take a look at the legislation that HAS passed in the House, but dingy Harry Reid refuses to allow that legislation be brought up to the Senate floor for debate. The Republicans HAVE offered some good things - but the empty suited whiney petulant man-child in the White House is incapable of trying to actually NEGOTIATE any compromise. His idea of compromise is do it his way, or he whines about how the Republicans won't compromise (give in).
Close to the truth ....if Obama is a big supporter of feminists and metrosexuals - that is part of the proof that Obama is anti-(normal) women.
Hughes uses the term 'sex-crazed sluts' to describe (fairly accurately) how LIBERALS perceive most women .....whose voting patterns will be influenced by a big nanny state government that will provide them with free birth control. Conservatives believe that most women could be persuaded to vote for a smaller, more conservative government that leaves people alone and encourages an environment of personal liberties and responsibilites, and free markets that will allow the economy to grow, providing more jobs for everyone. Rush Limbaugh used the term in trying to show, through absurdity, the stupid claims of Sandra Fluke. Fluke spoke about how expensive birth control was (it isn't). She claimed it could cost $3600 a year...while there are MANY forms (birth control pills or condoms) that would cost less than $120/year. Big difference! AND - it is absurd that a college graduate going to an expensive private university should be demanding a government program to give her free birth control!! What sort of imbecile wants the government to force other people to pay for something that is optional and not expensive??? Only a liberal!
Sorry that you failed Basic Comprehension 101....let me explain it further. "Women should be presumed to be smart. Smart enough that they can spend $9/month for most forms of birth control, and not demand that there be a federal mandate to provide them with free birth control (and a massive government program that will result in higher prices, more taxes, etc.) Smart women can deal with individual responsibility. OTOH - Democrats presume women are too stupid to take individual responsibility and require massive programs to help them. Most conservative women (a majority of married women tend to be conservative) recognize a big bloated government is dangerous, The following quote explains the rationale: "Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have."
The top 1% earn about 20% of the income - and pay about 37% of the taxes.
Hey - Obama wanted to keep the precious Bush tax cut for 99% of the people...so it must have been a great idea... AND - Obama didn't want to modify any part of the Bush tax cuts until his 3rd year in office, so he and the Democrat Congress felt that they must have been helpful.
But it took Zero-bama to issue a 'no-bid' contract to build the ObamaCare web site to a Canadian firm...(a senior person in the firm was a friend of Michelle)...and they botched the job, but got more money from US taxpayers than Romney is worth. So you f'ng idiot Democrats worry about what Romney did with a small portion of his own wealth, while ignoring the waste/fraud and abuse of taxpayer money by the fraud in the White House.
Extremely stupid and possibly off-topic. It is the Democrats who always are apocalyptic - claiming that with Republicans in office, children will die, granny eats cat food, no one has health insurance and everyone dies. So why do you stupidly bring in Mein Kampf - except to show your familiarity with it??
Moe - your 'Republican friend' is as realistic as Joe Biden's 'friend. They are jerks - if real. But Is suspect it is someone playing with them self. Conservatives did not like many things that Geo. Bush did...but the empty suited in the White House is FAR FAR FAR worse!! So - if you wish to attack Republicans for not being conservative - go for it. But if you are suggesting Republicans bad and Democrats are the answer - then it was an extremely stupid question.
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