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Poll: By Double-Digits, Voters Say Obama Hasn't Earned Second Term

Michael2802 Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 6:57 PM
Okay Guy...he is tied in Plus Dems Polls that look at 2008 for guidance...Get real! You keep buying that garbage...I have beachfront property in Nevada to sell around Las Vegas!! That is garbage put you keep falling for it hook line and sinker....Republican ethusiasm is through the roof...polls like the Hill 54 percent do not think he deserves re-election and you keep talking about Polls with Dems Plus Samples that are bologna....thank god Guy the Republicans that are enthused do not count on you!! You fall for any BS out there!

CHARLOTTE, NC - As the Democratic National Convention kicks off this evening, a new poll of likely voters indicates that Americans aren't buying the Obama campaign's "better off" spin:

A majority of voters believe the country is worse off today than it was four years ago and that President Obama does not deserve reelection, according to a new poll for The Hill. Fifty-two percent of likely voters say the nation is in “worse condition” now than in September 2008, while 54 percent say Obama does not deserve reelection based solely on his job performance. ...