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Mitt Romney: Take Your Anger, Division and Hate Back to Chicago

Michael2802 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 9:23 AM
Also yesterday in OHIO Mitt was slamming OBAMA over the COAL INDUSTRY....I wish Katie would post some of that...IT WAS GREAT!! Mitt was in the heart of Coal country in area that is being destroyed by Obama and the EPA....thousands have lost jobs and it will be causing energy prices to soar this winter. Ohioans need to hear this and it was great to see Mitt hitting Obama over this!! It is big there!! Hey Obama how many coal plants have close because of you in Ohio, Penn, West Va, Virginia and Kentucky?? I wonder how many of those employees and their families have illnesses that lost coverage because of your EPA and closing them down??
Sharon508 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 9:45 AM
What's even more disgusting with Biden is that he was BORN in Coal Country. What's unbelievable is that PA is leaning Democrat! I don't know about Ohio, but the people in PA better wake up. Granted, the people who are for Obama/Biden live in big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Should they learn how electricity is made before Nov. or should they just let blackouts be the norm if O/B gets back in before they wake up?

I, for one, don't want to see thousands more jobs go out the door.I also don't want to see our tax dollars wasted on wind and solar energy as most of those products are made in CHINA and we all know how good the decisions were made by the Obama team investing in those products.
Smitty41inPB Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 9:37 AM
excellent point, also the new thriving nat gas industry as well, they will go after that hard if reelected.
while it won't win NY, PA and OH are for the taking, NV too.

Fresh off of Vice President Joe Biden's "they'll put ya'll back in chains" comments yesterday in Danville, Virginia, Mitt Romney hit back at the Obama campaign, hard, telling President Obama to take his campaign of division, hate and anger back to Chicago.

"He is intellectually exhausted, out of ideas and out of energy."

"The President is taking things to a new low. His campaign and his surrogates have made wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the presidency."

"This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like. President Obama knows better, promised...