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One thing Daniel...please be careful...RAS is also oversampling females in MO...he has it 56/44 Female to Male...AND THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN....I am sorry on this one Ras if way off....the election in 2008 and 2010 was 52/48....where out of the BUTT of Scott Ras he found another 4 percent women is beyond me...HE IS WRONG....Claire may be up 2 at best...Scott needs to come clean about that M/F breakdown in Public.....he is hiding that to people!
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Classy: Obama Campaigns on 9/11

Michael2802 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 3:50 PM
Well Obama relates to radicals and hates America....what a surprise....the ME jerk...vs someone remembering a true somber day. Obama loves Obama and his Marxist surprise at all!! Obama has no class and never will!
Nate Silver is a Democrat Hack.....He predicted the Wisconsin recall wrong...OOPS up until the end wheh he changed for convernience....Nate Siler is a joke. He uses slanting left and right whenever he needs to. He never has any problem with Dem slanting polls or weights....I would not trust Slate Sliver for anything. He might as well wear an Obama Sticker....LOL!! Go to Slate....NOT!
Yeah right and Obama kept up and spend billions more on entitlement programs and more government and has 4 years to play golf and do nothing for jobs or the deficit. Cut the blame game....your man has been quaterback for 4 years...HIS TRYOUT IS OVER!
Yeah he can tell them about the 415 billion in Service Provider Cuts that will effect them directly when they are no longer accepted by many doctors and hospitals close because they cannot afford them.. I am sure Bill will set them straight on this is not a cut....RIGHT!!! Sure hey all you providers YOU are getting 415 billion less but you will give Medicare patients the same care!! So spin that somewhere else fool!
You mean Leah....the way the PRESIDENT never mentioned Jobs or the Unemployed in his speech on Thursday. This more of the conservative as usual falling for the BS...and you wonder why Leah you have Obama....look in the mirror. I am sick of this garbage. Mitt has mentioned our Military and Veterans all over the place and to say Bill Kristol from the Weekly Standard....who never served anything but as whiner in a know it all not person to judge!
You mean like you have in your pants daily...LOSER....go take a bath in your Obama Love Water...take a hike to the Huff Post
Check out story of FAA employees being warned that could get PINK SLIP if they voter for Romney in Nov....IT IS AMAZING!! It just does not stop....WE MUST DEFEAT THIS MARXIST REGIME!! Come on Conservatives....THIS IS A MUST!! We are heading right into a Marxist State and we must STOP THIS NOW!! It is happening everywhere!
Weather Channel is owned by NBC....SAY NO MORE....they overplayed Isaac all the lead up to the RNC...again and again....they downplayed it once the RNC was over. It was a disgrace....Weather Channel will not be shown in my home again. They did it on purpose. That Hurricane never was heading to Tampa....and then the Hurricane Center in MIA right before landfall....turns Tropical Storm Isaac to Hurricane Isaac....BS!! Hurricane/NOAA under OBAMA...another deliberate attempt to cause problems at RNC. Weather Channel can take a flying leap. A liberal piece of trash and NOAA can kiss Obama's Butt!! It was a HOAX from day one!! They would never show Romney on that liberal piece of trash....Weather Channel = NBC!!! SAY NO MORE!!!
Why comment he is an IDIOT with not one clue what he says...a total joke!
You know I hear all the about know what...what is Obama's outreach to Men??? I laugh all people are conned into thinking only Women matter....BS!!! Men are just as important....Obama has a serious problem with Men....much more than Romney with women!! He is stuck because Men cannot stand him....women on the other hand are open to Romney and Ryan....the real problem is Obama cannot make any progress with MEN!!!
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