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Class Warfare's Losing Record

Michael2677 Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 4:03 PM
Class warfare is how the Left scrapes votes off the bottom of the barrel, people who have given up on themselves, their future and everyone else. These people belong in a third world country under a dictator.

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio – Newspaper accounts of the day described with shock the “enormous crushing crowds” that gathered in cities and towns (including this one) to see William Jennings Bryan, the Democrats’ presidential candidate of 1896, as he made his way to Pittsburgh.

The old master of class warfare did not disappoint: Paper after paper chronicled his rhetoric and the “unheard of” adulation he received from what he termed “the masses.”

The nation had been in a deep depression, with high unemployment and violent labor strikes, in the three years leading to the presidential election between Bryan and...