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Groundhog Day in America

MoonYogert Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 4:59 PM
I asked him what was Obama's plan to reduce the deficit. He had no answer. I asked him again. He had a blank stare. I said "say it"! "Say it"! "He wants to raise tax rates"! The liberal broke down and admitted it. I asked him if he wanted to pay more Federal income taxes. He said "personally? No." He said "Obama is going to tax the rich". I explained to him how this would not reduce the deficit nor the debt no matter how high the tax rate on the rich was. My point is we all know these facts but the people on the left have never had it explained to them in person like this. We need to integrate and educate if this country has any hope of continuing greatness.
loadstar Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 6:31 PM
Actually, you make some valid points...I wonder if the polarization is not exaggerated by the way people get their news now and the fact that the MSM have TOTALLY gone in the tank...they won't even ask the ObaMessiah about Benghazi, NOR complain that he simply refuses to have a presser to discuss it-- or have a presser PERIOD! I mean, the guy goes on the Freakin View for Chrissake to answer fawning questions of idolizers!

The MSM WERE the best asset O had running for re-election with his PATHETIC record
Barack Obama won a moderately close victory over Mitt Romney on Tuesday. But oddly, nothing much has changed. The country is still split nearly 50/50. There is still a Democratic president, and an almost identically Democratic Senate at war with an identically Republican House, in a Groundhog Day America.

Obama's win did not really reflect affirmation of his first term, given that the president made only halfhearted efforts to defend Obamacare, the stimulus, huge Keynesian deficits and his attempts to implement cap-and-trade. So if there is a second-term agenda, even Obama supporters don't quite know what it will be.