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That is all sweet but if you break into a home then you are prepared to die and if you are prepared to die then you are prepared to kill. It is not my intention to scare off an intruder. I want that POS dead where he stands. He can never harm anyone else after that. Problem solved...simple...effective.
Zero...I don't hunt...I shoot paper targets and it is nice to not have to reload so often. It is a fun sport but it has a great advantage...it keeps tyrants at bay.
The proper course of action is to protect the living, not avenge the dead.
And proudly un-American You take your freedom for granted and that is a shame. Many pround men and women have died fighting for the right for you to live in peace.
You got to ask yourself one question...am I unarmed as my shirt says...or am I carrying a weapon? Do you feel lucky?...PUNK!
Yes it was NBC and Katie posted the story then retracted it. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2012/12/27/story-retraction-authorities-say-newtown-shooter-did-not-use-assault-weapon-n1475045
Now let's fact check the fact checker. Ben Swan and Fox 19 are also incorrect and not on the numbers but worse...with words. This is how the liberal media can fool most of the people, even Fox affiliates. He states that 8,583 homicides are caused by firearms. Did you catch that? CAUSED by firearms. He did not say that firearms were used to commit 8,583 homicides. He said the firearms were responsible for the killings.
it got the job done but if the perp was packing, I don't think this would have ended well.
12 gauge pump witk 00buck and1oz slugs
BTW, I don't own a gun. I want a pair of Glocks, one for my wife. Should I get the 9mm 26 or the .40cal 27? I want them to match so we can share ammo.
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