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Both Lerner and Cummings are Obama sycophants and will do anything and everything possible to make sure that the gimmiedat liberal puke philosophy wins the day. She needs to go to prison and Cummings needs to be impeached and then imprisoned for what he has done. Illegal means nothing to the Obama administration but the R's are too dumb to realize that there would be enough D's in the Senate who are worried about their jobs who would vote to impeach Obama now. No guts, no balls!
Shoot, no need to worry, Lois, as the most criminal AG in the history of the U.S. will never see fit to bring charges against an Obama minion like you. Why don't you just kill yourself and do the U.S. a favor. You know, like Vince Foster!
Along party lines tell me that the Dem's see nothing wrong with what Lerner has done to conservative organizations as they applied for tax-exempt status. Gawd, I hope the Republicans remember that when they control all three legislative branches and make these puke dem's pay dearly.
Now that is really debatable!
Lee is not the only one there who thinks the Constitution is 400 years old as the black fella to her left never flinched when she showed her outstanding stupidity AGAIN! Lee, Cummings, Conyers and many, many of the other black reps could not reach 200 if the put all of their IQ's together. That is the sad case of the black districts and who they send to represent them. They are all sadly ignorant.
Nobody ever accused them of having any intelligence did they? Stupid is as stupid does and they prove it every election and it is not only them. I live in a democrat bastion where the dems constantly "promise" good things are coming and get a vast majority of the vote never follow through with their promises but the stupid union people and white soccer mothers still vote only "D." Stupid is as stupid does no matter the color of the skin.
Karma would be Nathan getting blown away in a drive by!
Just look at him. He looks mentally challenged or deranged. Typical dem!
That's exactly what Right to Work (without being robbed) says!
Apparently the dem liberal progressive p!gs can't stand when the opposition plays some serious offense like they always do. I am surprised they did not have Al "not so" Sharp-ton on air claiming racism. They do that for everything else. Man, it does my heart good to see these union leeches getting dumped on by those who want to work instead of painting, dreaming, taking cooking lessons and doing housecleaning like so many of the ignorant dems. November approaches and the dems are scurrying like roaches from the bug man!
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