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Romney and Ryan Must Knock it out of the Park in Tampa

Michael2450 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 7:52 AM
Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do. Destroy America and create a socialist state. He has the full support of the MSM His democrat allies are grotesquely incompetent Fortunately our country is just smart enough to slow him down.
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has to do two things really well at his convention: Lay out in dramatic terms how bad the Obama economy is, and demonstrate that he is the candidate who can fix it.

After Monday's front-page Washington Post/ABC News poll showing more than 80 percent of Americans now say the economy is poor, and 70 percent who say our country is seriously off-track, Romney's convention has to send that failed economy message into the minds of TV viewers and nail it to the door of Obama's Oval Office.

This will be the clarion call coming out of Tampa and...