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When Obama is Re-elected, "It's On"

Michael1957MN Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 8:01 AM
Ah.... if only that were true, but unfortunately, obummer will not do any of those things, will win the election (the votes are going to be counted by a private company in Spain, a company that has ties to the DemoRATs) and this nation will increase its downward slide into chaos. Sad but true. Obummer is America's Hugo Chavez and will be her first "President for life." We are rapidly become a Third-World petty dictatorship.

Fresh off of President Obama's "flexibility" comments to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last week, Obama supporters are reminiscing about the 2008 campaign and getting excited. Why? According to the left, if Obama wins a second term, he doesn't have to deal with Congress, the right rolling back his achievements and "it's on."