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Kengor concludes with the following paragraph and it's pointed question: Why isn’t the media talking about the homeless under President Obama [The way they Constantly asked/hounded President Reagan about the 50% lower numbers in during his presidency]? Why aren’t liberals? Do they suddenly no longer care about the homeless? Or are the homeless merely a convenient political tool, to be ignored or exploited depending on whose party is up for re-election?" Why? Because for them it IS just a "convenient political tool." That and anything that reflects poorly on their messiah is to be ignored if possible, downplayed if not.
Hey, don't insult rocks. Even they're smarter than Whoopi. At least they know enough to sit quietly and say nothing when they have nothing intelligent to contribute to a conversation.
You are right that it is GOD who "raises kings and deposes kings." That said, have you wondered why GOD set Obummer in place as POTUS? I have. I believe God put Obummer in place as a way of punishing the U.S. for abandoning Him and His Word. He gave America the government they had been asking for, for years. So, He finally said, "Fine, you asked for it, you got it. Now live with it." Much the same as ancient Israel who said they wanted a king to rule over them and not God. So God gave them Saul, and a bunch of other low-lives who made their lives miserable.
McCain is a RHINO. I don't deny his military service, he is and always will be a war hero but that does not change the fact that is is politically a RHINO and has for a long time been a "politician" as contrasted with a "Public Servant." What we need is more people like Lt.Col. Allen West, war hero and conservative.
"When your vote is nullified by illegal votes, you are cheated just as much as if you were denied the right to vote." Of course, such a simple yet true observation is beyond the capability of your average leftist/progressive for whom any requirement of accountability, responsibility on the part of minorities is de facto racism and as such, something to be avoided.
I hope that by "written consent" they mean written with a "notarized" signature. Otherwise, the coach and others like him will just forge the name of a parent.
On my FACEBOOK PAGE: Michael Fernandez 5 minutes ago via Amazon Since Facebook wouldn't let Gallagher "buy" advertising for his book on their site, I bought the book and am giving him free advertising here. LOL> I just bought: '50 Things Liberals Love to Hate' by Mike Gallagher America, how does the liberal hate thee? Let us count the ways . . . It’s hard work being a liberal these days. Not only do a mere 20 percent of Americans identify themselves as liberal, but one could go broke supporting a skinny double-decaf Starbucks habit. On top of that, when you hate things most Americans love, it’s tiring to have to endlessly correct/educate/fix/enlighten the poor dullards out... Like · · Buy on Amazon"
"A" Amend the Constitution. "R" Reform. Ni modo, she's a nut case anyway.
Or even a paper bag, anything to cover up that ugly, lying mug when out in public.
I say do what they did with the Air Traffic Controllers; fire the whole lot of them and replace them with non-union teachers who WANT to TEACH.
"That quote shows where Obama’s head us, back in the depression, and The Grapes of Wrath. And that is where he will take the rest of us if we are stupid enough to reelect him. " And we (the American people as a whole) are just stoopid enuf to do it, the majority of Americans being products of a liberal indoctrination system called publik edukation.
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