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No Longer a Republican

Michael1825 Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 10:15 PM
Matt, you should have done what I and thousands of conservatives did when the GOPe nominated romney: we immediately quit the party. Any party that could have romney as the nominee is neither conservative or republican.
Are you a real conservative or just a sheep dog for the GOPe? Herding anyone with the independence to think for themselves back into the fold? Every conservative in every state that offers a fraud like pat roberts should bolt the GOPe plantation. Reagan said he didn't leave the democrat party, they left him. Well the GOP abandoned us long ago. and YES, not everyone who worked for Ronald Reagan was a conservative. and YES Ronald Reagan was not perfect: amnesty, George HW Bush and Sandra Day O'Connor are just a few examples.
this #SitDownShutUpVoteGOP didn't work for romney and here's hoping it doesn't work for pat roberts. either the GOP gives us candidates we can vote for or let them go out of business. that's how free market capitalism works. or doesn't the GOP believe in that any more?
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