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Brutal: Boston Globe Takes Tomahawk to Warren's Claims

Michael1824 Wrote: May 26, 2012 4:58 PM
It would be very simple for her to do some research and find out for sure if there is any Native American blood in her background. It's simple enough even a Harvard grad can do it. You see, there's this thing called the internet. There's if your willing to pay and if your not. It is possible that she really doesn't want to know the truth. But that's a whole new thread.

Credit where it's due: After prematurely declaring Elizabeth Warren's Native American flap "over" in early May, the Boston Globe has joined its crosstown rival in investigating the matter.  Today's edition features a front page story on the subject, packed with new information, as well as some useful context:

US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has said she was unaware that Harvard Law School had been promoting her purported Native American heritage until she read about it in a newspaper several weeks ago. But for at least six straight years during Warren’s tenure,...