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The Greenies War on Green Chile Peppers

Michael1824 Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 3:24 PM
That same thing happened to us in Utah. With the stroke of a pen Bill Clinton created the Grand Staircase National Monument. It removed an area lager than Rhode Island and Delaware combined from use by local residents for anything other than sight seeing and tourist related service industries. Ranching, logging and other uses have stopped. That is why our legislature is trying to have Federal land in the state, 66% of the state, returned to state jurisdiction. At the very least, all BLM land should be given back to state jurisdiction.

New Mexico’s best known export, the green chile, is being threatened by the “greens.” It is not just the green chile habitat that is in danger, it is also the cultures and customs of generations of New Mexicans—farmers and ranchers.

The famous chiles are grown exclusively in Hatch, NM. People come from far and wide to buy bushels of fresh green chiles, have them roasted, and take them home to freeze for use throughout the year. In New Mexico, McDonald's even serves a green chile cheeseburger.

This past week, a vote was cast that could signal the end of a multi-generational...

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