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The 'New Normal' Christianity?

Michael182 Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 1:37 PM
There are some things that require work to understand in the Bible (it is a journey). However, there are many things that are fairly plain The 10 Commandments come to mind, not too difficult to understand. The Bible states that there was one author, that we God and that the men that wrote it were inspired by God to write what they wrote. So you now agree that sin (stealing for example) is in the nature of man as the Bible says?
NBC's sitcom "The New Normal" isn't just trying to remake society for the Gay Left. It's trying to remake Christianity, which is to say, destroy it. For its October 22 episode, "The Godparent Trap," NBC ran promos with the gay character Brian in the confessional, and the priest sneering, "If you're not going to take this seriously, I'm going to go back to playing Angry Birds."

As the plot unfolds, we're told Brian was raised Catholic, and as he sits in a pew and looks around at religious pictures, he cracks gay jokes in his mind. He sees the Apostles:...