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And what truth is that?
2 Corinthians 4:4 The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
Oh, you mean like in Germany, Japan and South Korea?
Even if true, what's your point? The Bible is quite clear about not only homosexual behavior but other sin as well.
Oh, I think we would get along just fine lois. We are able to adapt.
Gee Flattus, you started out that way, just like everyone else, how clear is that?
I fully recognize the humanity of Palestinians, what you fail to realize is that there are consequences for them in failing to recognize Israel's right to exist and desiring the Jews to be annihilated . It is tragic that their leadership embraces death and by extension the Palestinian people do when they are so willing to have their childrens martyred for the "cause". Maybe this will help, I fully recognize the humanity of someone breaking into my home, they can even steal my stuff and leave, but the moment that individual threatens the safety of my family they risk fatal consequences for their choice.
Enrique, if you had a group a people lobbing rockets in your direction, you might be cheering the military defending you also. Just think about it, if Israel had this culture of death like the Palestinians, there is NOTHING stopping them from wiping out every man, woman and child from the area. The leadership of Hamas are a bunch of cowards, hiding in their shelters and using civilians as human shields. Hamas celebrated the deaths of three Israeli teenagers while Israel arrested the Jewish thugs that murdered a Palestinian youth, does this tell you anything?
The straw man of the Left "inclusion and equality". The truth is that there are principles that are exclusive and immovable. Artificial equality is another fantasy, even with government assistance, I will never dunk a basketball like Lebron James or make his kind of money. No mainstream Republican "hates" gays, we simply do not place a stamp of approval of their lifestyle. The same for women's rights, which usually revolves around the abortion issue.
I don't have problem working with either point of view. However, for the secular I would ask, What Would Darwin Do? What would "natural" selection have to say about the species if the gay lifestyle were to perpetuate?
Assault (nice try though) was never a question, you are not permitted to assault anyone, gay or not. Followers of Christ are not assault anyone for their sin. You may have forgotten that most businesses are made up of people, people who make decisions based on their moral values. I would have no problem with a black photographer passing on a white supremisses wedding or a Kosher deli not catering a neo-nazi picnic. They are both legally sanctioned events but morally abhorrent to the service provider, just like a gay marriage is to a Christian wedding photographer.
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