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The straw man of the Left "inclusion and equality". The truth is that there are principles that are exclusive and immovable. Artificial equality is another fantasy, even with government assistance, I will never dunk a basketball like Lebron James or make his kind of money. No mainstream Republican "hates" gays, we simply do not place a stamp of approval of their lifestyle. The same for women's rights, which usually revolves around the abortion issue.
I don't have problem working with either point of view. However, for the secular I would ask, What Would Darwin Do? What would "natural" selection have to say about the species if the gay lifestyle were to perpetuate?
Assault (nice try though) was never a question, you are not permitted to assault anyone, gay or not. Followers of Christ are not assault anyone for their sin. You may have forgotten that most businesses are made up of people, people who make decisions based on their moral values. I would have no problem with a black photographer passing on a white supremisses wedding or a Kosher deli not catering a neo-nazi picnic. They are both legally sanctioned events but morally abhorrent to the service provider, just like a gay marriage is to a Christian wedding photographer.
Doctor X wrote: Don't like same- sex marriage? That's your right. Enjoy your rights and stay away from other's right to live their lives- it makes no difference to them whether you approve or not. --------------------------------- Another delightful fantasy of the godless. Just ask the business people being dragged into court and force to "accept" this new right or go out of business. Just ask the Boys Scouts (who eventually caved to the pressure). Gays knew it was not enough to have legal status under civil unions, they had to try for societal acceptance. Therefore they went to the courts and demanded society accept their lifestyle whether we like it or not. Tell me Dr. X, where is your moral line drawn, from the Rock of truth or the shifting sands of public opinion?
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A Bitter After-Taste

Michael182 Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 7:56 AM
The will of the American people has softened the commitment war requires. This was evident when the US sold out South Vietnam and reneged on the Paris peace treaty to aid our ally when the North invaded. Sadly the attitude of the American people reflects the "instant gratification" mindset, we might win the war, but we will continually lose the peace if we are not committed to the true cost of overcoming evil with good. In the case of Iraq it might have taken a generation or two for those people to understand what freedom and liberty are all about.
The shotgun is the great equalizer.
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What Went Wrong in Iraq

Michael182 Wrote: Jun 14, 2014 10:00 PM
Maybe you should check recent history, we STAYED In Europe, Japan and Korea for example. How long? Decades! It is the price of not only winning a war but a price of keeping the peace. You may want to ask the Kurds about Sadam's lack of WMDs.
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Reminders from Ronald Reagan

Michael182 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 1:15 PM
The problems with your statement to consider: 1) Abortion is neither moral or safe, no one dares to examine the long term effects of abortion on the woman. 2) The "it" you refer to was just as human as you were in the womb. Can't you come to recognize that the VAST majority of abortion choices are made for convenience and selfishness?
You are right, Syria was recently disposing of chlorine gas, on the rebels!
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Here Comes the 'Abortion Comedy'

Michael182 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 8:05 AM
Well said Reed42, at the root of all genicide or mass murder is the ability of those who execute or permit it to de-humanize the victims. One of the reasons I am sure the "Choice" folks don't want ultrasounds performed before a procedure, it places a "face" on the victim. I have discovered, for the most part, that abortion is a sacrifice to the god of "I". At the heart of the matter is selfishness and the refusal to be accountable for the consequences of one's own actions.
I agree, shudder, but as much as it would hurt, I want people who voted for the ticket to feels as much pain as possible, maybe some in the mushy middle will start paying attention again.
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