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10 Reasons Mitt Will Win

Michael182 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 1:40 PM
Wait no more... Sure, drink the Kool Aid, see fact check from stats, , ... Obama’s best month was May 2010, but that’s due primarily to an artificial spike in temporary hiring by the Census Bureau to conduct the 2010 Census (427,000 federal jobs were added that month alone, of the 516,000 total jobs). That gain was erased in the months following, once the door-to-door Census canvass was completed. Aside from the Census spike, Obama’s best month was January of this year, with a 275,000 job gain. That didn’t equal Bush’s best month, and it’s been downhill since then. The U.S. has gained about 55,000 private-sector jobs since Obama became president in January 2009, ...
Call me Pollyannaish, but I believe Mitt Romney will defeat Barack Obama in November. Let me give you some of my reasons:

1) Romney's campaign message is essentially positive; Obama's is overwhelmingly negative. People always prefer promises of something better, but Americans are especially hungry now because times are very tough. Romney is offering concrete and realistic plans to help America grow again and create millions of new jobs. Romney's message and agenda appeal to all Americans, not just certain groups, and tell them they are not imprisoned in their current economic "station" as Obama would have them believe. Though Obama's promises...

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