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They own them now. Because they worked hard and made something of their lives and did not wait to have it handed to them.
They are everywhere and come in a variety of names. Leeches is the name they have in common.
and overhead mirrors
Only after he lost control of Congress to Republicans.
its not the same thing
Sure they get tax breaks. Obama gives them ALL THE TIME. Youtube GE tax breaks. Here's the difference. Tax breaks are the company's money, not yours or mine or the government's. Tax dollars going towards the EBT program are mine and yours as well as those of the corporation's.
You do realize Radical Conservative is an oxymoron. By it very definition conservative is not radical.
Help us close the tax loopholes by establishing a flat tax then. No deductions at all.
It can bounce back and will. The private sector is the sole reason we have any recovery from the last crash. Any recovery we have had is despite Obama not because of him. He even makes Palin look like a GENIUS.
Didn't have to read this to know he is one.
Except we will not give up our weapons. The government will have a gruesome fight on its hands.
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