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Roberts might surprise us. This is even a more monumental vote than Obamacare for it cuts to the root of power and potentially Roberts can undermine all Obama has done with his vote. Did they get to him? Maybe. We will see.
You are right Obama would never be removed by the Senate under Democrat control. However if we push hard enough we can get a 2/3 majority to overturn many of his decisions and laws as well as try him for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Would there be a civil war? I don't think so. those who would take up arms for the president are the very people he is screwing over. He has almost no support in the military and the few generals and admirals who are more loyal to him than the Constitution cannot drive tanks or fly airplanes.
Sure it is, it helps grow plants as if they are in a green house. Who doesn't like plants? Pretty, convert CO2 to O2, helps gardeners and landscapers have jobs, provides an environment for other living creatures to reside. Still trying to figure out why CO2 is bad for the climate.
Tue enough. Sad to see those companies that do pollute and not pay for it. That needs to change. But the EPA spends so much time on worrying about our light bulbs they miss the danger that happened in WV.
LMAO on the ship stuck in the Antarctic. A similar event happened north of Canada when a group of Climate change pinheads got stuck in ice while attempting a trip through the North West passage.
Well Alaska is about oil and Obama and his supporters are definitely anti oil. Their memories shouldn't be that short.
More like Fulla Bull.
Of course she wants to deflect it. She had him killed. He was fixing to rat her out to Congress for gun running and it would have also taken out Obama. SO she had the people who were helping move the guns to Turkey arrange for that demonstration. She didn't count on the two SEALs to muck it up for her, requiring a full on assault on multiple location. Gen. Hamm was given the stand down order that allowed the murder of the witnesses to the attack. Classic Hillary.
Sounds good to me, lets repeal the 16th amendment while we are at it.
Why are we surprised. Democrats have been fooling the poor and working class for decades now. It is all about funneling taxpayer dollars into their own accounts.
He didn't gun walk. They stopped the program as unworkable. Holder revised it and enacted it. The cartel left the guns next to the dead Border Patrol agent's body as a sign of arrogance and flaunting the stupidity of the program. But for the sake of argument, if Bush had done it does that mean Obama had to do it better? Sort of like the Patriot Act and the Drone program?
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