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The bigger problem encompasses ALL illegals, the majority from Central America and Mexico.
So instead of freeing them in their country of origin, we cage them up? If you can fly them to TX and AZ then you can go all the way and return them to where they came from
Well she is good at making sure people who cross her end up dead. Is that the real embarrassment of Benghazi? She hung him out to dry to cover her gun running?
Wish more liberals would.
In a way, with the global warming lies, they have lied about the color of the sky. According to them its falling or blowing up, so we should all commit economic suicide to sole it. Sure Okay, when you ride in a hybrid limo and your wife and children ride mopeds everywhere. Stop with the hypocrisy liberals. You care not for the common person just yourselves. Spewing the liberal lies while making a fortune off the backs of labor and the average person.
REALLY? how so? Bush was big government spender too. We know where the WMDs went and Syria is overflowing with them. The chem weapons that is. Biologicals were really hit or miss and the Russians got the nukes. Not that there were that many. This healthcare bill and dishonest administration is the most crooked ever. Lies about Fast and Furious, Lies from the NSA, les about Benghazi. Lies. lies and more lies
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O'Reilly: Killing History

michael1819 Wrote: May 05, 2014 4:12 PM
You know when you are right Ann, you are dead right. All of this is easy to verify too.
Typical liberal, thinks he's smarter than God, Presumes to know God's plan. Perhaps God's plan is to expose once and for all the lies that have been spread by liberals to keep Americans, especially minorities enslaved to their government masters.
She knew because she was part of the gun running going on over there. Why else would the ambassador be out there on the worst day to be an American in the Middle East? Oh this is even bigger than the deaths of the ambassador.
Oh straw man, you don't want to get near the fire. The fire of truth that will be drive like a prairie fire, driving the liberals in panic pell mell to their political deaths.
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