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We keep doing our job. Get the bills presented out to the public and lay it all at the Senate's feet. Not Harry Reid's but the Senate's feet. This is putting a LOT of pressure on Democrats running for reelection. When we take 3/4 majority in the Senate we can override any of his vetoes. We can also try him and remove him from office.
Bet that nuke will stir up some carbon!
Well he can be impeached but the Senate would have to have a trial to remove him from office. Impeachment is like a Grand Jury run by the House of Representatives.
Yes, if he signs it its not worth the paper it is written on.
By not caving in on issues like they have for 6 years. Republicans in Congress think that they give on something Obama gives on something else. Except he gives nothing up. Call him in front of Congress and demand answers. Embarrass him if necessary. Treat him like the pouting child he is.
There is no loophole. Following a treaty and directing the government to follow a treaty that has not been approved by the Senate is blatantly illegal. Violating the Constitution is a felony therefore impeachable. In 2015 when we control 3/4 of the Senate there will be trial.
You are absolutely correct. Made US Senators a popularity contest along with imposing taxes. It all happened at the same time.
hard to putt with a newspaper in your hands.
Our own government has been lying on data it collects. NOAA has been lying for years giving alleged readings from instruments that no longer exits. Obama is REALLY scaring me now. This is quickly passing through what the Great One Mark Levin calls the "soft tyranny" to a harder and more despotic government. Obama must go!
But they forget that once the anarchy or tyrant takes over there is a struggle for the scraps, with the leaders eating each other until only one stands above all.
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