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New Romney Ad: “The Obama Agenda”

Michael 166 Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 1:21 PM
What ever happened to jobs creation campaigning neither one of these candidates has a viable plan. They wont promote my plan so far and its the only viable one and always has been throughout history. Invention conception is what allows entraprenurs to start up or expand business creating jobs and new tax revenue basises. with genuine progressive patent reform instead of the retartive america invents act this can be accomplished quickley with congressional approval

What will happen if President Barack Obama -- a man who has presided over four straight years of trillion dollar-plus deficits -- is re-elected to a second term? Over to you, Team Romney:

Incidentally, at a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday, Mitt Romney continued to level harsh criticisms against his opponent, accusing him of having no economic agenda or plan to get