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Ya that definately was and is a mob I am the leader or victum depending on if your a thief or honest person.The baby candy stealers mob of intellectual property is the crime and they were good at setting up every dirty trick in the book to steal my IP beginning at 1 month old
It looks like the vote is unfair because most ofthe citizewns voting are not Crimean natives they moved from Russia for the purpose of anexing
Youve forgotten one thing that Oboma could do to make America great again but wont. He wont propose progressive patent reform only regressive reform not dealing with the critical issues that have now brought our gdp output concerning new inventions to a hault. He has looted and squandered the master inventors money stopping investment in new revenue and jobs producing invention conceptions leaving a huge black hole in what could have been. He is clearly the most inovation retartive president in history going every wrong direction possible
There has only been one way to create genuine permadent jobs and its the one thing Oboma and congress wont try. Invention conception and its related employment and new companies and inventor stimulious programs to fund top only marketable invention is the only way.
CNBCs comentator wouldent know a correct jobs creation program if he saw one. Progressive patent reform instead of the retartive America Invents Act is the first step to restore the closed off invention conception pipeline that has fired the greatest expansion in GDP since I pulled us out of the abject poverty of 1953 and the end of the great depression.
Marco points to the decline of marriage as a cause of childhood poverty but not what to specifically do about it. I doubt that the wage inhancement program is going to do a better job than the earned income credit that I invented but Ill wait and see.
Johnson said were the richest nation on earth and he is right and its due to our patent system and the worlds only true master inventor living here. Marco hasent picked up on the importance of improvements on the system to lift the whole economy out of recession and help bring improvment in climbing the ladder of sucess from poverty
Technically the food stamp benefit rates are about double what they need to be. Ide like to see the rate stay the same but the money spent on other needs like rationed barsoap shampoo toothpaste toilet paper utility bills like water and electric tents sleeping bags airmatreses cooking utincels . Too much of the money ends being horse traded for cash or alchohol and drugs presently
They should give out mess kits with one burner coleman stoves with security deposit for homeless.For meats under 2.00 per pound only. Mayo requires refrigeration its under 2.00 in most cases cheese is 5.00 per lb but milk is esential or calcium tablets
Food stamps should be used only for totally unprepared or processed foods raw.
Until we get progressive instead of retartive patent reform the sixth economic recovery since the end of the abject poverty of 1953 and the great deprecion due to lack of inventions cant begin. It frequently takes the legislators 25+ years to get the new ideas through there head though so expect a long wait for anything then they will get it mostley wrong for the next 25 years.
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