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Until we get progressive instead of retartive patent reform the sixth economic recovery since the end of the abject poverty of 1953 and the great deprecion due to lack of inventions cant begin. It frequently takes the legislators 25+ years to get the new ideas through there head though so expect a long wait for anything then they will get it mostley wrong for the next 25 years.
I think that extended benefits past 26 weeks should granted but cut to 1/3rd of original wages. This will cause self employment startups and a national program needs to be developed to take top marketable Ip and promote startups by having the unemployed work at these startups for future wages if the companies are sucessfull. The differance between their 1/3 benefits checks and 2/3 of there regular wages can be owed by the company until there viable and able to pay at a predetermined profit level
It looks like elizabeth is backing legislation that bans credit checks of job aplicants according to the huffington post. The post is calling it leveling the legal playing field. I would call it inviting ripoffs to become employees at the risk of bankrupting the employers company. Credit historys report unpaid debts and reposessions and bankruptcies and frauds all ripoffs when considering overall honestyand integrity. I would call it allowing the playing field pirates to steal the ball when ever they want.
They definately need to enact a law to override judges decisions with a minimun sentence in cases like this like 5 years minimum per person The victums must feel the system has no justice.
Now only criminals will have overwhelming firepower and victums will have to cower from them.
The Obomas wont tell you this but the dog is actually in charge so put Barrock on a bus
Thats the squander what would you expect. What is unreal is he and congress got relected after creating no jobs the only way jobs ever have been created invention conception stimulious. Instead of funding top marketable ideas for permadent jobs they spent 750 billion on temporary jobs and zero on refilling the jobs creation pipeline
Now if they would only get back to work on progressive instead of retartive patent reform we could get some jobs created instead of just paid off legislators who wont listen to inventors about how to design inovative legislation. The only way new permadent jobs have ever been created is by invention and our system is a crewl joke to anyone stupid enough to file in a system with 40 methods to cheat the true concievers
I keep harping to everyone how to create jobs its easy invention conception stimulious programs. Invention is the only way permadent jobs ever have been created. Top only marketable intellectual properties development funding for those inventions showing certianty of producing jobs tax revenues and exports are the key to economic prosperity. Progreessive instead of regressive patent reform and key judicial reversals of retartive judgements is key to start the jobs creation
A survialiance doesent represent a search or seasure although it can lead to one if definate crime is detected in which case the surveilance is warrented and if no serious crime is detected then it can be unknown to the suspects in which case no inconvenience has occured. Clearly its a huge crime fighting tool for law enforcement.
More like surveil every situation where a citizen suspects serious crime might occur or known repeat felons are known to frequent
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