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In order to have high odds of sucess investments of taxpayers money should have top IP investment but their not even looking for top their just moving into a over stocked highley compatitive market so nothing unique being invested in means insignificent consumer demand and product failure to flurish or bankruptsy they need a top inventor to light their economy on fire like i did in Detroit in the late 1950s
The problem with the Richmond project is their starting with no good ideas. Just old ideas with a already fully developed unpatented product with no special apeal probabley. I was the inventor of craft brewing and beer altogether but they wont call me with any proposals Ill bet. Even if there is sucess its not building jobs for the nation its just transfering some to there community. FT. Myers Fl. is having a problem with frauds so Ide advise them to watch their money closley
And dont forget the inventor of the entire sports infrastructure has never been paid so a portion of those profits belong to the frauded and now unfunded inventor who cant start new projects due to the money monopoly the billionairs are strangling our economy with somo gdp increases are forthcoming just looser mini nitch projects that fail due to no significant intellectual properties involved like this micro brewery in Richmond.
Dems had a better financial package for voters
Yup Oboma needs a sign off on those inventor rights to steal those ideas so he should be prosecuted and his admission is nationally televised so guilty as charged
He has no right to run in 2016 there is a 2 term limit and no foreighners are allowed as president so take back his last 2 terms
Gun control isent the right answer for the issue of violence against women. Changes in divorce laws that spark deadly incidents is the answer
Yup the whole gdp increase is dependant on a progressive patent system and congress has delivered a regressive one. Oboma is squandering all the money possible without one nickle going to worlds top inventors or inventing consultants that could have produced the 3000 worlds top inventions and moved us into an honest and integritious patent system.
They are really not good enough to be considered true communists originized criminal tollerators and cover up consperators is more like it
Its pretty simple to figure why the economy dident recover in this recession compared to the last five recessions back to 1954 when I started the modern world from the ashes of the great recession. In 2004 I started my business up selling ideas and havent had any customers so far so. The invention pipeline has drained out leaving nothing to restart anything and with no funding for indegent worlds top inventors nothing is going anywhere and the legislators are to stupid to figure that out. Banks used to lend on invention patents but now wont The government is only funding shovel ready picked over projects that end in failure so there is no link to the future.
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