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Partisan Word Games Don't Change the Reality of Abortion

Michael160 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 9:29 PM
Really, no creative input from anyone else? Let's put that blastocyst out in the yard and see it rearrange itself into a human being.

Democratic consultant Jason Stanford of the Huffington Post thinks he has made a scientific discovery by claiming “birth control doesn’t cause abortions.” And he thinks opponents of ObamaCare’s abortion-pill mandate should throw in the towel.

Apparently Stanford failed to research the definition of “Orwellian.”

Stanford actually admits, in a crude way, the central claim of religious believers and pro-life Americans: that an individual human life begins when “the sperm takes the egg out to Bennigan’s and fertilizes it” and that many forms of “contraception” act after that event to “prevent the implantation in the uterus” of the new human being.