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Dr. Ben Carson Continues His Wisdom Tour

Michael160 Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 6:47 PM
Dr. Carson pretty much ended the National Prayer Breakfast's non-politcal character. It's going to turn into just another low profile conservative rally, unreported on and unattanded by anybody except the Right. Which is fine, it's a silly sanctimonious event anyway.

Dr. Ben Carson, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and legendary neurosurgeon, is now in the spotlight for his keynote address to the National Prayer Breakfast on February 7. It’s not brain surgery to figure out why.

Most notable was his criticism of Obamacare, one of the worst federal laws in decades, and one which, before its complete implementation, is already destroying our economy on a massive scale. Dr. Carson, relying on decades of medical experience, proposed health savings accounts for every American, which would fix two enormous problems in our system today: (1) regressive intergenerational transfers of wealth, and (2) half...