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Where did I get that? You are right, it's totally out there, nobody would come up with this crazy opinion. Except me and the entire Pentagon. Just us two tinfoil hat guys.
Military personnel surrender many of their constitutional rights.
Nope, there are pretty strict rules about that as well.
Well, clearly not everyone.
Pretty sure that the federal government has escalation dominance on me already without their small arms hoard. I'm less worried about their .22 ammo purchases and more worried about the, what are those things, fly in the sky, with bombs and cannons, oh year, the Air Force.
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Sci-fi Worthy of Malthus

Michael160 Wrote: May 01, 2013 12:15 PM
God will take care of it, all we will need is a few extra days of prayer and fasting per year.
While it's OK for soldiers to share their religious views with their comrades, it is highly inappropriate for an officer to do so with his subordinates, it creates a pressure on them to at least act so as to please their commander. I have friends in the military that got out with horror stories of serving under officers who made everybody pray after briefing and take part in rituals of various sorts, nobody dared not to do it, they just went along so as not to displease their commander.
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To Punch a Liberal

Michael160 Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 1:13 AM
So watching a movie about racism made you want to punch a liberal who in your head calls you a racist? That's not healthy, you might want to dwell on that or maybe see somebody.
As a Jew myself, I often wonder about the fact that so many Jews are in the government. It doesn't really make sense, because the Jews are not really Americans. We are not really anything but Jews. We migrated to the US when it became a prosperous imperial center, as we migrated to Rome and France and Spain before that. When the imperial centers became hostile to us, we fled to the margins, like Poland and Ukraine, to escepe persecution in the imperial centers. But we are not Romans, French, Ukrainians, or anything else, and we are not Americans. When America declines, we will be in China, India, or wherever the capital flows. So why would Americans let us make their long term decisions for them?
A bit unprofessional to put your own messages on a client's product, don't you think? Do they do this for any of their private clients? If one of my suppliers started putting in whatever they wanted on stuff I ordered, I think I would get a new vendor.
I hope that is not what his grandfather said about him.
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