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The Republican Party Needs A Reset On Immigration

Michael1445 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 8:03 AM
Lower immigration BOTH legal and illegal would truly benefit the country except employers. Has it made sense to let inlarge numbers of new workers when we can't employ those here already? We sholdn't believe ANY claim from self interested employers of labor shortage. And btw, even Sen Amnesty McCain didn't do well with Latinos. They're likely to vote highly Democrat regardless of Republican's policies. Actually immigration restriction would attract more voters than it repels. When you consider employment, education and health costts, population congestion, terrorism, disease, language issues, use of govt services, etc how can you NOT feel lower immigration would help us all (except employers)???!!

Since the Romney/Ryan ticket’s loss last Tuesday, the Republican Party has been going through a period of soul searching.  Much of that is useless propaganda about how the party needs to move to the ‘center’ (whatever that is) on its tax-cutting growth agenda.

But some of it is a genuinely helpful re-examination of the GOP’s relationship with immigrants and immigrant voter groups. This is a helpful but small step in the right direction. Liberalization of immigration laws was a theme of this column before the election (and a theme of this columnist for many years before). In order to foster more...