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No Entitlements

Michael1445 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 7:45 AM
Fair enough what is said in this article. And yet getting a job and attaining prosperity is no longer as easy as it once was. There are genuinely people who would like to work, but their jobs have been sent overseas, or they have been replaced by low wage immigrants in their own country. In spite of employer's insistence there is no labor or skills shortage. Rather, employers just want cheap labor people to do everything now. They either send work overseas or bring the cheap labor here through easy immigration policies. What is the proper balance these days? When even highly educated people have trouble getting good jobs how is it all their fault? And yet there still is much truth to this article.
dtalley Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 9:57 AM
Are employers being driven to cheaper employees and less of them because government has increased operating costs by regulations? Most industries would hope for a 10% profit margin, but many are squeezed to about 3%. When gov't demands more, something else has to be cut or the business closes.
I recently spoke to one restaurant owner with 22 employees who has received his notice from the US gov't that deductions for his workers will be going up to 15% come January. He works 90 hours and more per week and says he needs every worker he has but he doesn't know how he will be able to make a profit- and he has one of the busiest restaurants in town.
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SINGAPORE -- While the U.S. unemployment rate "dropped" to 7.7 percent last month -- a figure even The Washington Post acknowledged was due " large part because the labor force fell by 350,000..." -- here in this modern and prosperous city-state of slightly more than 5 million people, unemployment is practically nonexistent.

A taxi driver tells me, "Everyone here works." With unemployment at an astonishingly low 1.9 percent, he is nearly right.

In part, this is due to a work ethic that seems to be in the genes here. But there is something else at work that should astound...