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Communism, Crime and the Republican Eclipse

Michael1445 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 7:50 AM
There are a few areas with large scale appeal that no one wants to touch: Free trade, Affirmative Action, and immigration. Very few like our jobs being sent overseas and most of us know China cheats and uses slave labor. But no one stands up to China. There is much dislike of AA which puts the majority population to the back of the line, often even behind recent immigrants. And most people understand that immigration these days is largely about cheap labor and hurts the country except employers. And btw recent immigrants rarely vote Repub (ask Sen Amnesty McCain)! So why don't Repubs use some of those issues? Apparently our elite secretly love all the above and can't bear to take them up!

If you're a football fan, you've seen it happen. A coach bursts into prominence by using offensive or defensive innovations to produce victory after victory, championship after championship. For a long time, he's regarded as one of the best. And then, something happens.

First it's an upset loss here and there. Then it's a decline to mere respectability or mediocrity. The coach fires assistants, widens his search for players and tries new schemes. But nothing helps. Soon, the onetime genius is a has-been, out of ideas and out of work.

But it doesn't happen only in football. It also happens...