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A Losing Immigration Strategy

Michael1445 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 8:22 AM
Recent immigrants rarely vote Republican regardless of what Republicans do. Remember Sen Amnesty McCain didn't get many Hispanic votes either. Actually immigration enforcement isn't that difficult, just be very strict with E-Verify. And don't forget lower immigration BOTH legal and illegal would greatly benefit the country except for employers. When you consider employment, education and health costs, population congestion, terrorism, disease, language issues, use of govt services etc how can you not feel that way? Don't believe ANY claim of labor shortage from employers. Why do H-1B, J-1, L-1 workers come overwhelmingly from low wage countries (forget Japan or Western Europe)? It's obviously about CHEAP LABOR these days!!
Conservative abroad Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 8:06 PM
They need to actually do workplace enforcement and not just fines which can be written into the budget as a business expense. They need to send a few of the big employers to jail and that would scare the heck out of them.
Everyone in Washington is showing new interest in immigration reform. President Barack Obama needs to do something to cement the loyalty of Hispanics, who did so much to re-elect him. Republicans seem to grasp that they had better soften their hard line unless they want to forfeit any hope with Latinos and Asian-Americans.

Both sides also agree that a balanced, two-part approach is in order: stricter enforcement and improved border security on one hand and a pathway to legalization on the other. It's an excellent plan -- except for that first part.

To say we need more enforcement to seal the border is...