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Michael144 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 8:00 AM
Both dems and rep are self indulging when more concentration and effort on important matters at hand need being attended too.
And I just read they couldn't steal anything from a dog!
If o doesn't need be transparent why would h?
No budget, no pay. Refund your pay and benefits with 18 % interest for the period in which you did not take care of this and immediately pay your penalty of not drawing any pay or benefits for the same amount of time that you failed to meet your obligations. Failure to do so within ten days will result in turning this over to collections of the U.S. Treasury.
Voters need be aware who the incumbants are.
The only way I see him growing is that he learned from his past expeience if he can have someone else pay for his education why not have us pay for everything else.
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