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wow, have you talked to a psychiatrist lately? Probably would be a good idea
I've been waiting decades and never was entertained by soccer What kind of sport raises a loser team to celebrity status? Only whackos
Be worth it to heckle her, and get thrown out
And how only her husband can save America, by creating "Hope" and what was it? Oh yeah, "change" LOL
Yes, many ignorant Americans who have no clue like to think of themselves as "pro-Palestinian" But between Israel and Palestinians, only the Israelis weren't dancing in the streets on 9/11 like you and your pro-Palestinian mo rons. Just like you, they are ignorant beyond belief.
Thank you, we needed some off topic bigotry and ignorance just to make sure brain dead anti-Semites like you still exist.
Boring candidates Wouldn't vote for either If they don't do better, Hillary will win in a landslide And don't mention Jeb Bush, he will destroy any hope the GOP has.
great post, Detroit is a pit, worse than many third world countries
Your post is grossly ignorant. Obviously your moniker is incorrect. YOur attempt to obfuscate govt waste shows you are nothing more than an Obama drone
I used to work civil service But it suuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkeeeedd
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