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Boring candidates Wouldn't vote for either If they don't do better, Hillary will win in a landslide And don't mention Jeb Bush, he will destroy any hope the GOP has.
great post, Detroit is a pit, worse than many third world countries
Your post is grossly ignorant. Obviously your moniker is incorrect. YOur attempt to obfuscate govt waste shows you are nothing more than an Obama drone
I used to work civil service But it suuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkeeeedd
Hopefully they will be able to accomplish nothing at all, which is the bar set by past efforts. They wallow in their incompetence
Typical Republican Like you know what a typical Republican is How insufferable you appear And your post is so goofy it doesn't merit an answer. Townhall is for conservatives, not elitist, out of touch Republican elites.
Especially if she were running against an elitist, self-righteous RINO like you, McCain. Thank you for your service, now please Shut up
Better than hillary
They can't find one good candidate?
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