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Boehner's too busy crying to do anything period
Almost a billion dollars for a website that doesn't even handle money Almost laughable, but the free pass govt gets with our money extends to other agencies, where the VA feels it is ok to murder our vets as long as the management gets their bonuses. Sadly I watch as America swirls and swirls, heading down the toilet
Now that's funny LOL
Why not indeed? Because brain dead drones like yourself control the Senate That's why Nimrod
If the Senate wasn't full of brain dead Obama drone Dems, it would work.
Impeach Oloser? And what, replace him with Biden? Are you kidding? This is what you get when you vote for someone based only on their race
Only a brain dead Obama drone could possibly be surprised by this article. Typical marxist propaganda, villify in public, then make secret, illegal deals in private. What a guy Oloser is NOT
YOu must be kidding Nice general dismissal of a movement based on a few whacko people Go away, your Obama drone status is showing
Traitor to American principles and ideals. Nimrod Nice try to appear intelligent
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