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Cool post Sounds spot on
Too bad her parents didn't use abortion instead of childbirth. Then this b would be happy
Obama fired his teleprompter promptly after this disastrous press conference.
You can't fire affirmative action hires.
Really? Did you ask any Jewish people? Or are you just naturally a bigot? When real native Americans were asked about the "Redskin" name they responded they did not care.
Last summer there was a demonstration against gang violence in the northern part of my city. Almost all the signs there were slams against the police Never mind that the only thing you really need to fear in North Omaha is a young black male.
Why should these people have any respect for the law when Oloser has zero respect for the law. Finally, a black president proves he can be more incompetent than his white predecessors.
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Ferguson: The War Comes Home

Michael1364 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 11:48 AM
Ron Paul would have been the perfect presidential candidate ---- 150 years ago.
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