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Traitor to American principles and ideals. Nimrod Nice try to appear intelligent
DC--the land of absolutely no consequence for actions
Here's your punishment for failing so bad and killing our brave vets--You get a cushy govt pension, full benefits and the love of the liberal loons who hate our vets
Not hard to have the most saves when the rest of your team SUCKS
I was a hiring mgr for civil service jobs, and the city actually hired people who could not do the job to meet quotas. One man in a wheelchair sued the city because they did not offer him a job where he would have to climb in and out of sewers. Never went to court, but the guy got a $25,000 settlement for not suing. BS
I visited Chicago about 2 years ago and it was like two different cities, the well to do were totally insulated from the horrific crime of most of Chicago
Only a truly brain dead Obama drone could believe such utter BS
that's the best you can do? How utterly pathetic You are not even remotely funny anymore, just sadly ignorant
Better yet if he would send pictures on toilet paper, then at least the picture would be worth something
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