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Why does Oloser think everything is broken, and only he can fix it? Who cares if we normalize relations? We have relations with all of our past enemies except Cuba, so who cares Only, what about the "instant citizenship" of Cubans making it to US soil? And why isn't Congress involved in this? It must really make Odummy furious that he isn't King. His brain dead drones would go for it.
Maybe Oloser should have a beer summit with the Taliban in Pakistan. These are the same losers that Odummy has tried numerous times to engage in serious truce talks. So much for "hope and change" in the Muslim world.
It's torture listening to a brain dead drone like Feinstein
Maybe we could just say please? Like O dummy
Funny how O slimeball demands total transparency for anything that ruins the reputation of the USA, but is happy using exec privelage to hide the truth on any issue that might make him look as stupid as he is
Without a doubt she is one ugly dude.
Because this all Dem group of mo rons had to hurry and publish this pack of lies before the new members of the Senate take over and make it a GOP led Senate. O dumbo is merely pulling the strings on these mental midgets.
Didn't matter if they would have charged Wilson, these ignorant, brain dead Obama drone animals love chaos, so they can burn and steal Hey, beats having to work for a living Too bad you had thousands of innocents scared to death by these cretins US is becoming wussies, rioters need to be stopped period
Because we are tired of the same old BS smell from O ignorant.
They have to release the verdict soon, all the brain dead unemployed Obama drones are growing restless They have their Molotov cocktails, it's racist not to let them burn, rape and loot.
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