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Stop Criminalizing Parenting

Michael1364 Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 4:55 PM
me too kids nowadays would not believe what our "Leave it to Beaver" lives were like Our parents actually cared about us without smothering us or controlling us. It was heaven.
But what happened with the 2010 Tea Party election gains? Nothing. GOP wants power, but wastes opportunities to actually accomplish anything. This led to the disillusionment of the conservative voters and Obama's re-election.
You know Nancy looks really good for someone who died years ago
Kerry is such a loser
This is an unfair article as we all know the only place Oloser gets his information is CNN and MSNBC.
Funny, they can ignore a war vet marine in Mexico, illegally mess with conservative groups just for the fun of it, lie constantly and force Oloser's will by executive order, BUT, they can't revoke passports of known traitors. Obama at his best
Makes sense to me, it's infuriating, but your post is spot on.
2 years 4 months to go. OMG :-(
Nah, they will just blame Bush for agitating "peaceful Muslims"
If Obama had a son he would be beheading American journalists with ISIS. His daddy would be proud
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