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talk talk talk then they will go back to DC and pass everything Oloser wants them to pathetic
sure they are because some brain dead drone says so pathetic
What does it matter? The GOP doesn't stand up to petty dictator O loser, so who cares?
already started
At least I wasn't stupid enough to vote for your hero, O loser. And your first paragraph is merely obfuscating what rational (not you) people are thinking. No one is saying all terrorists are poor and that's why they become terrorists EXCEPT OBAMA AND HIS BRAIN DEAD DRONES.
TH must be lying again Our fearless dictator, Hussein O loser, has declared that the lack of decent education and employment opportunities is the driving factor in creating Muslim terrorists. And you know O dummy never lies. Funny, Muslim terrorists have been around for about 1400 years. You would think they would have built some schools or something.
He would probably make it. The low information voters love incompetent, creepy politicians And pedophiles And illegal immigrant murderers and rapists
Does Obama ever nominate Caucasians for important posts anymore? What is the racial make-up of his subordinates? If it doesn't meet Federal race quota numbers, he should be held accountable... for something.........for once
There is no hope for conservatives as the GOP keeps playing into the libs hands. Isn't there anyone in the GOP with half a brain and at least one ball in his scrote?
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