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She's kind of pretty for a water buffalo
The left's viewpoint is, if you lie, keep repeating that lie until people start to believe it. Works for some on the right too, but libs are masters at pushing lies off on people
I guess Hollywood will have to stick with it's regular formulaic movies: incest, rape, torture, pedophilia, etc. Kim is just too scary to these wimps.
Sony owns the rights, the movie theater would be violating copyright laws if they showed it without permission. Too bad
Not interested in this movie But I would go tonight if it were showing here Scre* you Kim, your father and grandfather were sociopaths, just like you
Great another RINO Bush who expects everyone to believe his BS Thanks, Jeb. Your brother was bad enough to insure Obama's victory, now you want to be president? Disgusting.
Maybe next Supreme Court Justice?
Of course Cuba will return this murderous scum How else can Odumbo give her a medal for her "sacrifice" in the face of the horrendous racism in the US She sounds like Oloser's type of cabinet member.
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