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But are tens of thousands dying enough to keep Oloser from appointing his unqualified buddies from being appointed to critical govt positions? Not to Odummy
I took my dog for a walk this morning and he left a big pile of steaming, stinking Obama on my front lawn. Bad dog!
Fear has been used for centuries to control a country's population. People instinctively look to govt for help in dire situations. Odumbo would certainly love to have millions of people looking up to him for help. Doesn't matter if millions die, as long as Oloser gets attention.
I was in the military then worked civil service for a few years. I have never seen any govt program or service that was efficient
mine too
No thanks, I would rather live
good insight of course they will how pathetic Obumbler is an idiot
Just think of it this way, don't you think this attack caused terror on a mass level?
He's living an easy life in military jail. Much better than state's jails Millions spent on making the prisoners "comfortable" I like your idea better, bullet to the head, done
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