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Biden Tries to Gain Back Support for Gun Control

Michael136 Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 12:34 PM
If you think they mean a word they say then their "agenda" is stupid. If you realize they are lying through their teeth then it is evil. The Adminstration's IRS scandal defense is "we didn't do that because it would be too stupid." But they did do that and it was pure evil... That help any?

In a letter to supporters Friday, Vice President Joe Biden asked supporters to help bring back support for gun control.

Friend --

Soon after our first attempt at reducing gun violence was blocked by a minority of senators, I brought together advocates for this legislation and gave them a very clear message:

This fight is far from over.

If you're with me in the fight for common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence, let the Republicans in Congress know you're not backing down. Add your name right now.

Look, I've been in politics a long...

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