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Obama and Holder head all federal law enforcement agencies. They had to know of this and gave the ATF to go ahead and destroy Mr Dobyns and his family.
Mitch McConnel. The McCain of Kentucky
Gen. George Patton would have put this deserter in a hole.
Moderate rebels? What in the hell is that?
Why is it that NO one asked McConnel his stand on immigration and is connection to receiving money from pro illegal amnesty Chamber of Commerce.
Not much needed really. This is the democrats war on woman.
This witch is taking the same stand as Obama. I can't believe anyone would be in a state of disbelief over this.
So you are saying socail security, medicaid and medicare were solvent during his term?
the godless took God out of the classroom. liberals suck. oh,,,,and try to kill me
Obama can take his oath in Kenya where he came from.
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