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Libertarian Vote in New Hampshire Could Swing Electoral College to Obama

Michael1242 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 1:34 PM
Lemmings and sheep that believe Romney will make a difference are political fools. My daddy taught me to vote for the best man for the job, in this case, one not beholden to the "New World Order." I'm a political science author and I'll support the only good guy up there that hasn't already sold his sole to the devil, Gary Johnson. The rest of you go right on ahead and continue your crack habit. LOL
Mitt Romney is now neck and neck with Obama in New Hampshire, a stunning feat considering the former governor was trailing the president by 15 points at the end of September. But some independent voters who say they would vote for Romney if just he and Obama were on the ballot, are instead voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. These swing voters are giving the president a potential advantage in November.

A Suffolk University Political Research Center poll released Monday shows Romney and Obama tied with 47 percent of the vote each in New Hampshire.

The Suffolk...