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Florida Atlantic University: Another Left-Wing Seminary

Michael1210 Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 4:21 PM
Note that during the 10 anniversary of the Iraq War that Mr. Happiness beat the war drums so loudly for, he chooses to ignore the strategic disaster and instead writes an article about a "leftist" university professor. Mr. Prager exempted his two service age sons from putting on a uniform and serving their country and instead sent them to that bastion of conservatism UCLA! As Vietnam vet Bob Herbert wrote in the NY Times, parents who promote a war and exempt their own children from fighting it are depraved. But do remember Mr. Prager's words of wisdom: "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. The bigger the circus, the smaller the clowns. The bigger the army the smaller the soldier. The bigger the toilet...
The Original King Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 6:56 PM that where his kids went, UCLA? I knew that, despite his repeated assertations that the military is a GREAT place (for other people's kids) and that college was the place to go to get your morals corrupted, they both somehow ended up at college instead of the military. What I really liked was the B.S. he spread when his older kid entered college. IIRC correctly, at that time, his younger kid was 13, so Prager was insisting that , although the older kid was going to college, by gum, the younger one is going to be a marine. At the time I said "we'll see about that. I guess we did.
Question: What is the difference between Christian seminaries and American universities?

Answer: Christian seminaries announce that their purpose is to produce committed Christians. American universities do not admit that their primary purpose is to produce committed leftists. They claim that their purpose is to open students' minds.

This month Florida Atlantic University provided yet another example of how universities have become left-wing seminaries.

An FAU professor told his students to write "JESUS" (in bold caps) on a piece of paper and then step on it.

One student who did not, a junior named Ryan Rotela, complained to the professor and then to the professor's supervisor....