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Are Americans Biased Against Mormon Presidential Candidates?

Michael 1068 Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 6:39 PM
via a (5) special unicorn, (6)magic underwear and all! This is acording to the "faith of his fathers", a religion founded by a (7) convicted con man, later a (8) socialist, (9) bigamist (10) pedophile; to be followed by a (11) megalomaniac domestic terrorist. Does anybody have a problem with this?

The answer seems to be yes, unfortunately, but the results are somewhat encouraging.


Eighteen percent of Americans say they would not vote for a well-qualified presidential candidate who happens to be a Mormon, virtually the same as the 17% who held this attitude in 1967...

The exact percentage of Americans who resist the idea of voting for a Mormon has varied slightly over the eight times Gallup has asked the question, typically when a Mormon was running for president, including George Romney (1968 campaign), Orrin Hatch (2000 campaign), and Mitt Romney...