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OBOZO has turned America into the LARGEST SUPPLIER of weapons to terrorists worldwide. Another d-cRAT socialist extremist "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"
"Commander-in-Chief" = AWOL (a court-marshal offense): OBOZO = the "hardest working" dictator EVAH: - 400+ d-cRAT PARTY FUNDRAISERS (on the taxpayer dime) - 180+ ROUNDS OF GOLF - 20+ LUXURY VACATIONS, COSTING TAXPAYERS $150+ MILLION - and TOO MANY WHITE HOUSE PARTIES TO COUNT.
I'm suspicious of Ducey: 1. He's being funded and supported by the top do^che who funded and opposed Arizona's SB1070 immigration control law, Jim Click. Click is a shoddy car dealership owner who wants CHEAP LABOR FROM ILLEGALS. 2. Ducey is running NOTHING but NEGATIVE ads that stretch the truth (like a d-cRAT). He doesn't definitely disclose his position on many key issues - including most of the horrible things the current RINO governor has done (e.g., her ramming OBOZO's Medicaid expand down the throats of Arizonans who will have to pay dearly for this massive welfare expansion soon.)
"CNN Poll: 35 Percent Want Obama Impeached" SHOCKING !!!!!! **ONLY** 35% = SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just as Putin and other terrorist thugs are embolden to commit lawless, criminal, hostile acts of aggression by the whimpy-ness of jerk OBOZO, so too is OBOZO embolden to commit lawless, criminal, hostile acts of aggression by the whimpy-ness of jerk Boehner. Thus, in a sense, one can say that self-serving spineless, gutless Repub-o-cRAT weasel Boehner is, in essence, responsible for everything BAD that is happening in the world, in general, and America, in particular. He is aided and abetted by the feckless House GOP, which is now dominated by despicable Repub-o-cRATs/RINOcRATs who do nothing to uphold and defend the US Constitution -or respect its "checks and balances" -that they took an oath to do....
"Hillary: No, Seriously, Our Russian 'Reset' Worked" ...yes, people, MASSIVE DOPE USE does have (bad) mental consequences.
"Drug Mules Easily Smuggle Narcotics Into U.S. as Border Patrol Remains Overwhelmed" ...a FRINGED BENEFIT for OBOZO and the many, many, many other d-cRAT DOPERS.
Walsh is an amateur plagiarizer compare to the world-class plagiarized BITE-ME...... To a lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist, with their teeny, tiny brains which are incapable of real, original thought, plagiarism is A-OK. Just ask Plagiarist-Joe "Bite-Me" Biden -- a plagiarizing expert who has stolen more words than Milton Berle (and he's just as funny). Totally lacking in ethics, in his third-rate, mediocre law school Biden was only able to graduate 76th in a class of 85 - i.e., he was in the lowest 10.5%! Of course, while campaigning, he claimed falsely to have graduated in the "top half" of his class. A plagiarizer and a LIAR! As a politics-as-usual, 40+-year Washington parasite, Plagiarist-Joe never worked harder than in his efforts to kill bi-partisan legislation simply because it would have adversely affected the enormous income of his lobbyist son. Plagiarist-Joe is the poster-boy for all that is rotten with Washington. .
"FAA Halts All U.S. Flights To Israel, Obama Admin Says It Had Nothing To Do With It…" ...WOW- so unlike the anti-Semitic OBOZO regime to impose FAR TOUGHER and FAR MORE DESTRUCTIVE sanctions on Israel than they do on Russia/Putin, Iran, al qaeda, etc.....
Vulnerable Senator: Obamacare Cancellation Stories Are Just 'Anecdotal,' You Know Definition of 'Anecdotal' = the corrupt, d-cRAT socialist media HIDES THEM from the general public.
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