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Rosemary's Baby #2: "Chelsea's pregnant" 1. Arkansas 2. Bubba . . . 3 I know who the REAL father is!!!!!!
Easy as pie: Following in the foot steps of bumbling gross incompetence. It won't to hard to measure up to his father - even a baboon could do it.
Rosemary's Baby #2: "Chelsea Clinton expecting 1st child" I'll bet they call it "Damien."
64% AZ Repubs won't vote for McRINO BUT - 150% of d-cRATS and 250% of ILLEGALS will !!! -so it will be a close call.
THEN: Nitwit Landrieu, UpChuck Schumer, Dingy harry reid = ALL GRACIOUSLY ACCEPTED CAMPAIGN MONEY from the Koch Brothers !!!!! NOW: ALL are sliming and smearing the Koch Brothers for giving!
NO SURPRISE: the C(ertified)B(iased)S(ocialist) network remains FIRMLY IN LUNATIC-LEFT SEWER with 'Ching-Chong Ding-Dong' Colbert replacing perve letterman
Their new slogan "GAYzilla: Software B^tch to the Intolerant Gay Mafia Since 2014" pic.twitter.com/clbOjVg5vl
"Obama Asked Networks For Primetime Slot to Announce 7.1 Obamacare Enrollees, Was Rejected" ...I'm surprised. The LSM is really very weak on COMEDIES this season - OBOZO could have given the viewers some really great laughs.
Remember: the House voted to put contemptible racist holder in contempt. LOTTA GOOD THAT DID !
NITWIT RINO AZ Gov. Brewer Won’t Seek Re-election !!!! - some HOPE for THE RINO STATE !!!
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