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It's Hard to Be a Republican

mhughes962 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 4:18 PM
they dont understand the unintended consequences because our liberal run education system has FAILED to teach critical thinking to any degree. They prep you for a test and teach you what to learn, not how to think! Education is not filling a bucket, it is lighting a fire. We win the arguments, but if someone says something intelligent in a forest of dimwitts do they make a point?
Even when the economy is terrible, when the incumbent Democratic president has not been able to demonstrate success on job creation or growth, and even when the standard of living for Americans is declining on his watch, the country will choose a Democrat "who cares about the problems of people like me" over the Republican. That alone is enough to make Republican heads spin for some time.

Many established beliefs about presidential politics have been proved false by Obama's reelection: 1.) The idea that, when unemployment is above 7 percent, incumbents fail; 2.) The notion that incumbent presidents who...