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G.W. was MIA

mhughes962 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:56 AM
gun laws. I have the same reservations about the Bushes as Reagan did: big gov conservatives are hippocrits. In tis last four years he was a fiscal socialist, he had a massive unfunded entitlement program, Nation building, ect ect. Despite this he could have explained that the Congress controls spending and they are the ones who approved the debt and policies that led to the housing crash and the dems are to blame. But frankly yall, we will loose untill we get more control of the education system and the media. We cant win an argument or debate that no one hears. We cant win if our youth are not taught critical thinking, self determinism, competitiveness, and logic. Without these they lack the tools to determine the validity of an argu
Democrats have been blaming George W. Bush for the last four years.

Now I think it's time for Republicans to start blaming George W. for the next four years.

For a week we've been pinning last week's debacle on everything from Mitt Romney's moderation to low Republican turnout.

But the most important Republican who didn't turn out to support Romney this fall was George W. Bush.

You can make an honest argument that G.W. was as much to blame as anyone else for our being unable to defeat an incompetent incumbent of historic...
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