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People look to blame some one, or more patheticly, something when a tragedy occurs. Blame the perp! Dont call him a lib or a con, he is a crazy! This has nothing to do with gun rights or 2nd ammendment or liberal promiscuity, or abortion. This is time for prayer and reflection. give your children a hug and tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. It is reprehensible to blame politics. Morality of our culure has more to do with the prevelance of promiscuity and self esteam than someone who goes off the DEEP end and kills his parents and a class room of children. Every once in a while people go crazy, i wish it were not so, but it happens. I wish we could come together over this rather than blame eachother for this guys act.
dude mod con, stop spamming you bung hole
i would rather suffer the pains of too much freedom rather than of too little. This is a tragedy, thats all. It was not a political statement. PRAY for the families whose loss will never be forgoten by their loved ones. You did not say repeal the 2nd ammendment after Ft. Hood... you try to use tragedy to advance your politics, that is indicative that you are a bottom feeding shite bag. people like you should be ashamed, but like Patton once said im not sure you can shame a coward.
if the teachers had guns the gunman would have found it difficult to shoot 8 of them....more so if they had training.
Pray with them. Teach them to blame the perpitrators of violence and not the objects used. Cars kill the most people but are not blamed. No one says its the fault of our mobility culture. Teach them to always be vigilant in public places. Take them to a gun range so they know the diff tween fire works and gunshots. Remind them the only place you want to hear those sounds is hunting or at the range and if they hear them in school what to do; which ideally would be to find the teacher you know that has a gun and stand behind them
i agree, first fire the libtard teachers and then arm the ones that are left, i also dont trust monkeys with guns.
neither was my grandmother when she gave me her 20 gauge, while she was alive it was the one loaded by her bed. My dad bought me a 22 rifle when i was 6 years old. That same 22 now has a 50 round drum clip and the government dont know its mine... be afraid chicken little con be very afraid, cause they dont background check you when you buy a knife. OMG they dont check for alcoholism, domestic abuse or criminal background to sell you a car and those things drive themselves drunk and kill lots more people than the other evil inanimate objects... You are a shite tard
anyone ever heard of meat? like what you hunt for and eat? Guns are made to fire at what they are pointed at... the option is in the hands of the beholder. Libtards dont trust people with guns because they would not trust themselves with guns because on some level they know that they are emotionally reactive non human degenerates that would kill you if they got mad and had a gun around...
they get the drone pheromone from sheela jackson lees queen bee high double crow weave... go on say it lois: "we are legion"
and you can move to Britain, or france
i beleive in manditory open cary, no one says you have to have bullets, but man what a polite place the world would be. BTW you are neither moderate or conservative
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