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look at the families of people who grew up hunting, and then look at people who grew up democrat. We care about our children more. Thats why the last bastions of the nuclear family are conservatives...
hahahahaha thats funny way to show that you are not a conservative. That is a LIE plain and simple. you are a simpleton and repeat bold faced lies. We just dont want to pay for your wwhore daughters sex, we are already gonna pay for her kids, education, food, housing, daycare, retirement, medical bill, ect. Why should we pay for you to have sex? while i work too much to see my gf as often as i would like, and mostly cause im working to pay for others. I dont mind food for homeless programs, but subsidising dumb peoples sex lives? Really? Thats a RIGHT? its not a question of access, just who gets the bill.
you are thinking of the liberal media i think.
sorry "meaningful action regardless of politics" what action? The guy is dead, his bro is in custody. The only actions to take are to grieve and bury the dead, maybe hes talking about a shovel ready job? I dont think, when the first thing he does is to mention "meaningful" action, he cares at all. As a father he must care on some level but in that high an office to see oportunity for "action" in your first response to a school shooting is blatently insensitive. You mourn with your fellow citisens and your nation, not promote subversive action.
i agree but it is still troubling he HAD to add "we need to take decisive action regardless of politics
Look at the criminal records of every nra member and compare them to registered democrats, and you will see it our way bro. Get off the plantation already you won that war, now take advantage
ITS NOT A CHOICE FOR THE KID, stop letting them use the wrong words. Stop letting them define pro abortion as pro choice, pro choice is your choice to give a kid up for adoption. or to use a condom or cross your legs. NO one has a RIGHT to have sex, or rape would be legal. You dont have a right to abort every choice that human kid will ever make in their lives. Ask an adopted person if they beleive in abortion, ask them if thats a choice.
im a PRO CHOICE CONSERVATIVE, yep i think you ought to wait till the kid is 18 then ask them if they would rather be dead. You need to read what the definition of the word "Choice" is. It is not the kids choice and it is not your body, its a byproduct of our biology that another human being is stuck inside a female for 9 months. That does not give you a right or justification for murder. Im all for a rape, life-threatening pregnancy, and deformity exception but just an exception not the rule.
an objective person could say the same about liberals and their anti-gun nuttery. The "real" debate is that if you are looking at hard evidence on crime there is no evidence to show that a gun has ever commited a crime. People do however and the crimes that are unpredictable are ones of passion. The reason we jump up here and defend gun rights is because liberals are all too proud of taking advantage of tragedies to limit rights. You dont like the patriot act and neither do i. it was passed after a tragedy and limited our rights. That argument is called: you are a hyppocrit. Token regard? Liberals and Concservatives are loving parents, dont assume otherwise because its convinient for you.
People look to blame some one, or more patheticly, something when a tragedy occurs. Blame the perp! Dont call him a lib or a con, he is a crazy! This has nothing to do with gun rights or 2nd ammendment or liberal promiscuity, or abortion. This is time for prayer and reflection. give your children a hug and tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. It is reprehensible to blame politics. Morality of our culure has more to do with the prevelance of promiscuity and self esteam than someone who goes off the DEEP end and kills his parents and a class room of children. Every once in a while people go crazy, i wish it were not so, but it happens. I wish we could come together over this rather than blame eachother for this guys act.
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