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Public School Teacher Mocks Female Student’s Romney T-Shirt, Accuses Her of Supporting the KKK

mhubbard Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 8:36 PM
Some of the worst bullies I have ever dealt with are school administrators. This includes private schools and public schools. There are plenty of people in the teaching profession that either do not belong or are totally emboldened by union protection to not behave in an ethical or professional manner.
psydoc Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 8:49 PM
That is why I ran for school board, along with my pastor, who was elected president. The same administrators and teacher who basically told us, "get out and shut-up, this is our school" found out that it was not. I don't know where they are teaching today, or if they are teaching today; however, it is not in MY school district. LOL

It’s not always fun and easy being a young Republican, let alone an enthusiastic Mitt Romney supporter. Whoa:

The parents of the Charles Carroll High School student ridiculed and ordered by her teacher to remove a t-shirt supporting Mitt Romney sued the teacher and school district on Friday, claiming the act violated the girl's civil rights.

Filed in federal court in Philadelphia, the suit says the district ignored Samantha Pawlucy's right to free speech, let other students threaten and harass her and subjected her "to emotional distress, simply because she exercised her First Amendment rights."

Fernando Gallard, a spokesman for...